Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation

Disturbances of various visual systems manifest with many symptoms and/or behaviors. Patients who have been diagnosed with strokes, seizures, autism, brain injury, genetic diseases, processing problems or neuro-degenerative diseases may have subtle visual system dysfunctions. Neuro-optometric rehabilitation addresses those dysfunctions.

20/20 isn’t enough. Changing input into the eyes changes brain functions, which in turn affects body systems. All body systems are connected and interdependent. Neuro-optometric rehabilitation assesses the ability to adapt to changes in the environment, while emphasizing perceptual awareness and attention used in executive functions.

Dr. Buresh, a NORA Optometrist, is here to help you. She can diagnose and treat visual processing problems that appear after brain injury or other diagnoses as listed above. Dr. Buresh also works closely with your rehabilitation team such as occupational, physical and speech therapists so your visual problems will not limit your success in recovering from your brain injury.

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