Blutech Lenses

Historically, eye care professionals have prescribed anti-reflective coatings or treatments to help with glare and eyestrain related to digital device use and driving at night. These coatings do help deflect some blue light, but still allow 80% or more of blue light to reach the back of our eyes.

BluBlocker lenses were introduced in the late 1980’s and were very popular, but these lenses (as the name suggests) block all blue light, which causes color distortion.

Now available is a brand new technology called BluTech, which is designed specifically for our digital lifestyle. These lenses filter, not block, the lowest wavelength / highest energy blue light completely, while allowing some lower-energy blue light into our eyes. This protects our eyes from the most harmful types of blue light, while allowing us to see colors without any distortion or change. By blocking this light, glare is reduced and contrast is improved, creating a more relaxing, more comfortable and clearer view.

At Broadway Eye Clinic, we now have the ability to offer BluTech lenses to our patients. BluTech lenses are beneficial for the majority of our patients, but we especially recommend this technology for kids and patients that have had cataract surgery (little to no ocular lens pigment), patients with a history or diagnosis of macular degeneration (retina at higher risk of damage), and professional drivers and patients that work night or graveyard shifts (greater interference with Circadian clock). Check out this video to find out more about how these lenses can also help with Digital Eye Strain.

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