Dry Eye Treatment


What is dry eye?Tear Film

Dry eye is a medical disease which occurs when there is an imbalance in your protective and lubricating tear film. This film is composed of three layers - an aqueous layer, mucous layer and lipid layer. Together, all three substances help create a properly hydrating, lubricating, and nourishing film for the cornea and sclera of the eye. 

What are symptoms of dry eye?

Dry eyes can cause a variety of symptoms including blurry vision, eye soreness, burning sensation, scratchiness, itching, strain and redness. Dry eyes may also cause discomfort or irritation in contact lenses, blurred vision, and light sensitivity. 

What causes dry eye? 

Dry eyes can develop for many reasons.  Lifestyle and work habits like increased screen time reduces our blink rate leading to evaporative dry eye and blocked eyelid oil-glands known as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). Other factors including certain medications and health conditions (such as Sjogren's syndrome), environmental conditions (like constant wind) can also compromise your tear film and exacerbate dry eyes. 

Does dry eye pose a danger to the eye?

Your tear film not only helps lubricate and nourish your eyes, it also acts as a barrier for foreign bodies. When there is an imbalance in your tear film, you also run the risk of developing corneal ulceration or scarring which left untreated can impair or damage your vision. 

How does my Optometrist at Broadway Eye Clinic address dry eye?

Using the latest technology in our dry eye clinic, our doctors can order testing and perform a comprehensive ocular surface examination to identify the root cause of your dry eye. Our doctors will then customize a treatment plan that best fits your individual diagnoses and lifestyle. Depending on your diagnosis, we may recommend an in-office procedure such as LipiFlow and/or Intense Pulse Light. Additional remedies may include eyelid cleansers, moist heat masks, prescription and/or lubricating eye drops, dietary supplements, allergy treatment or environmental changes.

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